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What is a green roof?

green roof, green roofs

A green roof is a roof covered with plants. A green roof can be created on either a flat or a pitched roof.

Green roofs are referred to as extensive or intensive, depending on the kind of planting and the concept.

Like an ordinary garden, an intensive green roof or roof garden consists of grasses, herbaceous plants, shrubs and sometimes even trees. Naturally, this can only be achieved if the supporting structure is sufficiently sturdy.

Extensive green roofs are mainly planted with sedums (succulents) and herbaceous plants. Extensive green roofs are extremely maintenance friendly. They are lighter in weight and can therefore often be placed on existing roof constructions.

Green roofs offer many advantages, such as

  • Extending the life of your roof
  • Air purification (absorbing C02 and disposing of particles)
  • Improved water management
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Advantages of green roofs

Groenpalet primarily creates extensive green roofs. Our core activities are growing and wholesaling sedum, the ideal plants for green roofs. We offer the largest selection in Belgium





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