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About Groenpalet Nursery

The Groenpalet Nursery was set up in 1994. Managing Director Luc Vermeir has been passionate about plants since childhood. He became a member of the Aylostera cactus club in 1988 and his love for succulents has continued growing ever since.

The company initially focused primarily on the wholesale sector, with a range of flowering perennials, box plants, and perennial cacti and succulents.

Most retail sales were made at plant fairs.

For retail sales, Groenpalet has now grown into a mail order nursery. Our range is sold chiefly through the Sedum Garden web shop. Click to choose your plants, pay for your purchases and they will be delivered to your home. This formula has proved highly popular with our customers.

The service and quality of our deliveries is our top priority! The plants are carefully packed to resist shocks and dispatched the same day. They often arrive the following day. Alternatively, you can still collect your plants from the nursery by appointment.

We still specialise in succulents and cacti. To this day, we proudly offer the largest range of sedums in Belgium.

When talking of sedum, people often automatically think of the increasingly popular green roofs. A large proportion of our sedum range is therefore aimed at green roofs and roof gardens, including sedum sprouts and sedum plugs for planting out and pre-grown sedum mats. This range is chiefly aimed at roof garden professionals and wholesalers.

Our range also includes:

  • Box
  • Ground cover plants
  • Perennial palms
  • Perennial cacti
  • Trees, shrubs and hedge plants available to order

Feel free to contact Groenpalet at any time for personal advice and a customised quotation. We will be pleased to answer your queries!

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